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MVP Sports Camps, LLC


​ As a parent of a young athlete, you appreciate how dedicated   coaching combined with a fun environment can make all the   difference. We produce a sports camp experience that your   child will talk about for years.

 Each of our trainers has played and/or coached youth and high   school sports - some at the collegiate level - so they know   first-hand how you feel.

 Key to playing sports at the college level is learning and   improving basic fundamentals taught in programs like ours.   But, there are keys to optimizing the recruiting process, and we   help educate and prepare our campers for improving the   experience. While no one can guarantee a scholarship, our   program is designed to assist athletes in improving their   
Athletic Ability Rating® over time.


​ Join our team and deliver world-class sports training to young athletes. 

 We’re looking for experienced coaches with a passion for teaching -   focusing on development of the body, soul and spirit.

 We're looking for sponsors (corporate and community) targeting youth   sports programs (church, community and schools).

 Qualifications we’re looking for:

  • Current / Former Athlete (HS, College and/or Professional)
  • Current / Former Coach (Club, Community, Travel or HS)
  • (2) Verifiable References and
  • Authorization to perform a Background Check.

 We are looking for event volunteers, so if you want to get involved...

 Give us a call!s.

Interlicants should contact our office.​​


​ MVP Sports Camps is the first Florida-based Sports Camp   to combine Sports Camps, Player Profiles and College   Recruiting into a linked process. Campers participate in a 

 series of athletic events, get evaluated and receive an   Athletic Ability Rating® and certificate:

 * 2018 - Established MVP Sports Camps, LLC

 * 2019 - Established Quick Link Recruiting - (DBA)

 * 4Q20 - QLR Free "sign-up" Campaign

 * 1Q21 - Release of initial Camp Schedule

*  2Q21 - Initial Camp Sites (N,S,E and W Orlando)