A Two-Step Process...


                            Step 1: Get Rated -  All athletes start with the Athletic Ability Rating® Assessment (completing the home assessment or attending a camp) ...

                                                  - the assessment helps to establish a baseline, a starting point

​                                   Step 2: Get Profiled - Create a MVP Profile (a subscription-based database comparing athletes in similar age and sport groups) ...

  •                                            - 12 & Under (great for sharing stats and photos with family and friends while also comparing progress over time to athletes in like age and sport groupings
  •                                            - 13 & Over (a great way to build an athletic profile on a budget, compare results with other athletes, and share files directly with recruiters - using our e-mail directory,and

  •                                For the more competitive (13 & over) athlete, consider our talent showcase "QLR" program:

  •                                        - increases internet visibility and takes the profile to a whole different level
  •                                           - we provide electronic access to recruiters in every conference and division across the country, and

​                                                      - all things being equal, this process helps separate athletes from their competition (increasing exposure and interest).​



About Us

"QLR takes the profile to a whole different level"

MVP Sports Camps, LLC


MVP Sports Camps, LLC and Quick Link Recruiting (DBA) are the first to combine Sports Camp Ratings, Player Profiles, and College Recruiting into a linked process.

Our goal is to provide student athletes an easy way to create, manage and share their athletic profile electronically with friends, family and college recruiters.

Claims presented on our web-site are not intended to serve as a guarantee.

Instead, they are designed to show what is possible.

Success in our business, as with most anything, requires some investment of time, money and hard work.


MVP Sports Camps, LLC and Quick Link Recruiting provide a clear and comprehensive online privacy policy describing the use and sharing of personal information of its subscribers:

* parental or guardian approval is required via a signed application

* no information (photo's, video, stats or other information) is shared w/o parental approval, direction and knowledge

* processes are in place to collect, update and destroy personal information once data is input into our sport specific databases

* MVP Profiles and Databases have a "double layer" of password protection - limiting access to unwanted viewers

* Personal information collected online is used solely for the purpose of fulfilling the purpose for which it was collected, and for this reason,

MVP Sports, LLC restricts access - allowing only the MVP Sports Camps program administrator, the subscriber and those the subscriber shares the password with - access to personal profile detail.

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​​​This Program Has Been Developed by Athletes for Athletes...

We're the 1st to combine Sports Camps, Player Profiles and College Recruiting into a single process.

We showcase talent by sharing Player Profiles with Family, Friends and College Recruiters.

                                     Our Program: Athletic Assessments designed for all youth sports - including band, cheer, dance & gymnastics.

                                         Our Focus:     Two Age Groups: 12 & Under - sponsored by MVP Sports Camps (for family and friends)

​                                                                                              13 & Over - sponsored by Quick Link Recruiting (for college recruiters).

"MVP Sports Camps provides a clear and comprehensive privacy policy preventing unauthorized use of personal information"