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We're the 1st to combine Sports Camps, Player Profiles and College Recruiting into a single process.

We showcase talent by sharing Player Profiles with Family, Friends and College Recruiters​.

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MVP Sports Camps, LLC


MVP Sports Camps, LLC and Quick Link Recruiting (DBA) are the first to combine Sports Camp Ratings, Player Profiles, and College Recruiting into a linked process.

Our goal is to provide student athletes an easy way to create, manage and share their athletic profile electronically with friends, family and college recruiters.

Claims presented on our web-site are not intended to serve as a guarantee.

Instead, they are designed to show what is possible.

Success in our business, as with any business, requires some investment of time, money and hard work.

​                                            Our program is designed for both male and female student athletes - supporting: band, cheer, dance and all high school sports.

                                            Our focus is two specific age groups:                                                                          

                                                      - age 13 and under (sharing progression with Family and Friends), and

                                                      - age 14 and over (showcasing talent with College Recruiters).                        

                                            Our goal is to provide parents and student athletes:

                                                      - athletic assessments (via a series of timed performance metrics)

                                                      - statistical-based feedback (Athletic Ability Rating®), and                                  

                                                      - individualized action plans (improvement over time).