Profiles provide athletes of all ages a means for sharing talent and experience. For the younger age groups; parents are able to share stats, schedules and photos with aunts, uncles and grandparents. For high school (and more and more middle school) athletes;  parents may significantly increase their child's athletic visibility and exposure to recruiters by linking updated profiles to our recruiting database. This database is available to college recruiters providing a "quick electronic link" to athlete bio's by sport, position and multiple attributes (stats). This access to player specific data creates recruiter interest - making the portfolio a key component for optimizing the recruiting process.

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Most recruiters and hiring managers agree they lose interest in most candidates within the first 15-20 seconds of seeing their resume. Our goal is to capture and maintain the interest of the recruiter by showcasing skill-sets and experience - making them want to know more about our candidate. Examples shown and or referenced on our web-site are based on personal experience. Claims presented on our web-site are not intended to serve as a guarantee. Instead, they're designed to give an idea of what's possible. Success in recruiting, as with most anything, requires some investment of time, money, hard work, commitment and dedication. We provide a low cost success plan that generates interest. More interest leads to more callbacks, more callbacks lead to interviews, and ultimately a better offer. 

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