• To Provide a Means of Tuition Assistance
  • To Ensure Every Athlete Has a Chance for an Education, and
  • To Develop Leaders

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Income examples shown and or referenced on our web-site are extraordinary. The income claims presented on our web-site are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they're designed to give an idea of what's possible. Success in this business, as with most businesses, requires some investment of time, money, hard work, commitment and dedication. Our goal is to share low cost to enter opportunities with potential for generating large incomes. With regard to our teammate model, we want to help our members make an informed decision. For this reason, we've provided the LIFE INCOME DISCLOSURE statement - below. Understand that participants in this program (members and/or subscribers) based on either the content of our web-site or the e-mails, will most likely generate a commission payment for someone - which is the point of our business model. For this reason, we encourage the recruitment of others, and that is how commissions (incomes) are earned. Should you choose to become a teammate, you will become either a customer or a subscriber. Customers receive benefit from the material or product they receive for payment. Subscribers earn commissions from the sale of our products in their business and the recruitment of other new team members.


While some athletes will earn scholarships to the school of their choice, the reality is that most will not. This is why we created the MVP Sports Profile and Quick Link Recruiting database - to increase visibility and exposure. Moreover; of the athletes that don't earn a scholarship, many won't attend college - largely due to the cost. Of course, there is the "student loan" option, but we're not advocates for creating debt. 

Our goal is two-fold: One - to assist prospective athletes in the recruiting process, and Two - to provide a means for educational assistance where all student athletes have the opportunity to attend college and earn a degree - without going into debt!

The MVP Sports Teammate curriculum is based on the "personal and leadership development" model called LIFE. Its materials are only offered for sale through its membership and represents the team-building concept where members share in the profits. However, it is the personal coaching, teamwork and fellowship that sets it apart from other "Life-Coaching" programs. 

Members should be of good morale character and willing to help their team become successful. But, this does not mean providing handouts to those feeling they are entitled... It means having the desire to coach, teach and demonstrate responsible living - with emphasis on goal setting and goal attainment. 

What exactly does that mean you ask? It means this program provides a model for personal, family and team building success. We are talking about the future of each member well beyond the college experience. Consider the simple fact that most Americans with a college degree view a career as a "30-year" relationship with a successful company. What if the same result could be achieved in far less time?


Our team of current and former athletes understand the entire college experience - whether on the field, in the classroom, or on the job. We help parents optimize the recruiting effort while also providing a means to off-set college expense. In addition, the goal of the LIFE program is to educate and develop future leaders of our nation. Given power is generally associated with those with wealth; accountability and wealth-building strategies represent a large component of this program. Pretty ambitious goals, right?

The real question is, "Does your family have a need?"  If so, CONTACT US HERE..


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